Wrinkles forms because of ageing, excessive sun exposure, facial muscle movement, gravity and smoking.

Some people would develop fine lines and wrinkles at an early age which is due to genetic factors, skin colour types and environmental factors.

It is common to see asymmetrical wrinkles on the face since facial muscles usually contract more on one side of the face.


Fine lines and wrinkles happen because of the uneven thickening of the deeper part of the skin known as ‘dermis’. It is also due to the reduced amount of water being able to retain in the epidermis.

Deeper lines can be static lines or dynamic lines. Dynamic lines can be seen when there are contractions of facial expressions muscles eg, crows feet, worry lines and frown lines.


Moisturisers should be applied regularly.

Topical retinoids were proven to have anti-ageing effects.

Chemical peels can improve fine lines and skin texture.

Lasers can stimulate the growth of collagen and thus reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Botulinum toxin injection can be used to reduce dynamic lines. Hyaluronic acid injection can be used to fill the deeper and folds.

General Care:

Always put on sunscreen when doing outdoor activities. Avoid smoking and second-hand smoking.